Skin Care product retractable banner stand promotional strategy

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Open-shelf skin care brand competition in the market trend to increasingly intense, particularly the most draconian anti-aging products face challenges, Olay TE cream (Olay Total Effects the multivariate repair), all the way in terms of price, access activities, all kinds of the marketing and retractable banner stand promotion battle Deus Ex is not easy.

Especially in competing products have shortened product life cycle, put the ingredients upgrade contest camouflage from lower consumer loyalty is more gradual, Olay TE in the case of packaging, the product does not update, how to continue to create fresh, and continued love with, and become a big challenge for the brand to attract target populations.


Therefore, this communication spindle Olay TE "women willing to share the trivia of life" qualities do hair, American women are interested in and surrounding sister friend to share the work, and relations between the sexes, interpersonal, and can enhance the degree of goodwill is deemed becomes beautiful experience, as the focus of the media and retractable banner stand promotional activities, create a smart choice for Olay TE sister friend privately most widely recommended. The appearance of a lack of confidence consumers deeper into his inner sense of participation underlying share beauty tips and sister friend, Olay TE naturally into the topic of women's lives.

Media strategy, in order to allow the use of 99% of the users of Olay TE, the propaganda theme really recommend more rendering power, Olay TE leveraging the power, not only skin care experts, Beauty Daren jointly recommend and objectives peer pressure among female groups sublimation really recommend, by a series of word-of-mouth operation, the media and channel sales will be pushed to the historical peak.

At the operational level, the whole wave of media activities is to contact the most extensive newspaper and television to kick off a strong run the product claims: "Olay TE cream sales ranked first, 99% of users really recommend. Shortly thereafter, the beautiful "sister convention" through the network activity named "Olay sisters day" OTC activities operating word-of-mouth, touched female consumers take the initiative to care for each other's skin health and feelings of Olay TE with the guardian of the beautiful brand promise .

The first two months of the execution of this wave of media activities, Olay TE the TNS MarketWhys brand index significant growth, which is not prompted brand awareness (Unaided awareness) to grow by 36% to 40%, and purchase intention index consider buying index (Relevant Set) to grow by 25% to 31% of the the priority purchase index to grow by 5% to 8% (First Preference).

Olay TE market share also been a significant growth in the two months to grow from 13.1% to 14.1%, a record high. It is worth mentioning that the integrated marketing communications case not only create a hot topic, the results of the retractable banner stand promotional activities also show that a total of 3200 women, together with the Olay TE promised them beautiful promises.