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With the increasing popularity of blogs, the real break whatever, has a group of loyal readers, advertisers or public relations firm desperately wants to win over the objective, by of their Yihubainuo influence, plus brand points, reaching the final purpose of the sales that is cheaper than retractable banner promotion.

Of course, these star bloggers just founded the blog, never thought about one day vendors will find on them to provide product trial or invitation to write the form to discuss the possibility of cooperation.

Lady Nana "in the the blog community" - Su Chen-side mentioned that she first phase of this started from the network, until the beginning of the blog writing life experiences, she found she had read some readers will be interested movie or book interested, even her at midnight and boyfriend stroke, readers will also be used to reference.

Her audience age now covers 13 to 55 years old, has 36,000 to 60,000 daily visitors. Popularity accumulated to a certain amount of sound, advertisers or public relations firm when her door, so willing to try the product, "the solicitation text slowly in her message boards. The full 3C scientific articles in Notepad ", bloggers Dominic Lam also said, initially he felt very excited, actually vendor approval and appreciation own blog.


In fact, for many bloggers, they do not exclude further cooperation and vendors. However, various blog style properties very different, different nature at her door manufacturers. Blogs like Lin Kailuo business - toffee melancholy carnival, with thick taste of the arts, so two years ago, mostly looking for her to write music, art activities, experience or books, but in 2007 she and travel, contact phone and flash drive manufacturers.

Cheap Retractable Banner :

Lady Nana always daily chores written relaxing and fun week average four manufacturers hope and she will come, the vast majority of household items, have a bottle of asking price $78,000 top Beauty Salon, skin care products, and Watson open-shelf one hundred yuan of goods such as soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, sanitary napkins or tampons common.

Dominic Lam mostly 3C technology articles on this blog, the natural electronic hardware vendors want to solicitation Internet writers. Only made one like him before, "the world's first the BT TV player - ZINTV" trial experience Zinwell, 1973 Hits, just as much as the effectiveness of general news.

First find out the ins and outs of suction gold by the bloggers

However, the star bloggers do not turn them away, once stepped on mines, thank you no longer contacted.

Itself has a certain threshold for the use of technology products, Dominic Lam always thinking that is not the product some familiar dare to promise, but otherwise he is very worried about the articles you write out, is considered an outsider. In addition, he also measure their time allocation, whether neutral can write articles, otherwise accumulated too many draft of debt turned out to be the pressure.

Lady Nana considers degree of "contamination" of the brand must be used or the identity of the brand, in a certain point of view, this can be considered her to talk about cooperation and vendors "over the top". Sony fans like her originally, and later Sony is willing to provide the G1 digital camera, so she was shooting photos of the blog, and named Sony G1, she is also willing to accept.

She hates manufacturers require peer review or a liar, bulletin board wanted to change her blog. Leo, she has a strong regional, allowing manufacturers can not infringe on her site.

Linkai Luo said, did not know her blog, the property is not suitable products, and manufacturers can not agree with the content or style she wrote, was her decision to want key vendors. There, she was the most accepted form of solicitation through the message boards, and she believes that if manufacturers respect for their own activities, but also determined find bloggers cooperation, in any case, there will be a way to find the person's e-mail.

Commercialization have that serious?

The blog originally simply express the personal life mood, open and vendor cooperation mode, usually the most support these bloggers readers will turn plays the role of network pickets, bloggers have accused should not be reduced to playing alternate vendors retractable banner advertising tool, and even this was quite disappointed.

In this regard, the lady Nana did not mind. She felt, she just tells the reader what she was doing, what is the real feeling, she did not force the reader to talk to her. "I never been To Whom responsible for writing!" Lady Nana so much stress.

She does not think must speak good words to help manufacturers, but trial products provided by the manufacturers are not entirely without merit. Example: previously, she went to a hair salon, two hairdryer Qi, and the hair is still semi-wet quit, I did not expect one use and Panasonic cooperation Nano ion hair care, quick-drying the magic and dense hair she scared to Heaven, could not help but write one experiences on a blog, but also caused a lot of feedback.

The lady Nana clear event use something, it will be tempting to want to share with readers. While some readers think she exaggerated the effect, but this is her genuine trial experience. "I believe my readers, I will be worthy of them believe." Lady Nana said.

The blog world, users seem to see no planning reports or articles and vendors. Always feel that bloggers must from accepting benefits, to accept bribes from vendors will be a one-sided applauded, but in fact, an objective and fair, positive and negative, and Chen's articles are also many.

Lin Kailuo do not deny that, and the vendor cooperation, published articles on the nature and frequency will change. But a lot of people have the opportunity to get from the manufacturer or other pipeline tryout was too asked if he just bring the scale used to measure the blogger. Readers should not own standards applied to other bloggers who.

"We must agree to before write, write out must be honest." Lin Kailuo understand that this. She also believes that readers will look forward to continuing to see new things on the blog.

So now experiencing network pickets, they also began to disregard it, after all, in the the reproached case, the response will only bring greater counterattack, and more to describe the more black suspect.

However, YAHOO! Kimo Media Information Services Division Senior Production Manager, Li Yizhi mentioned, most of the media is responsible for the content of the advertising business are two kinds of people, but blogs this media, 99% of a person and publisher, editing with retractable banners advertising, it is difficult to avoid the left hand money, writing, of his right hand.

Li Yizhi that the bloggers be honest with the reader (although the sponsor is not necessarily like), clearly exposing the article might be behind the interests, readers can judge for themselves, such bloggers should not be blamed, but you can be all set an example.

However, these star blog today, the makers of all ages, but also because of the support of readers, frequent access activities while, do not forget to listen to the needs of readers and reader has positive interaction, and to make their own blogs Wing to continue as a going concern.